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Tips for extending you laptop's battery life

Laptops are designed to be portable but if your battery runs out before the required task is complete then a laptop may be no use at all. Any way you can extend your laptop's battery can be invaluable when out on the road, below are some tips that should help you get the most from your laptop's battery.

1. Adjust screen brightness

Adjust your laptop's screen brightness to the lowest possible setting. Even the dimmest setting in recent laptop models is good enough in natural daytime and indoor lighting condition. If you are working in an environment which is too bright for you to see the laptop's display, find an alternative place with neutral lighting so that there will be no need for you to increase the brightness of your laptop's screen.

2. Reduce screen resolution

Reduce the laptop's resolution to its minimum possible setting. This is so desired when working using a word processing software application. An 800 x 600 laptop screen setting will work just right.

3. Discharge the battery periodically

Follow a periodic charge-discharge cycle. Discharging the laptop's battery once every two weeks will help extend its life. There is no need to fully discharge the laptop's battery, however, for the more modern Li-ion battery. Discharging the battery up to about 25% of its available power before plugging in an electrical outlet can extend the laptop's battery life.

4. Have a large capacity RAM

Install a large storage capacity random access memory or RAM as you can afford. This will reduce the need for the hard disk to provide the virtual memory required to run a software application. If you have a small storage capacity in your RAM, i.e. 1 GB or less, there will be more interaction between the RAM and the hard disk. This requires more electrical energy to support the activity.

5. Clean battery contacts

Remove the laptop's battery periodically (say once every two months) to clean the contacts. A well-cleaned battery terminal will make electrical flow much more efficient, thus less energy will be required to transfer electricity from the battery to the different electronic parts of the laptop.

6. Use a single application

Use only one software application at a time. Two or more open applications will require more laptop resources to deal with separate operations.

7. Plan what to write

Jot down or outline your composition before powering on the laptop. Having a clear direction on what to write will require less time in using the laptop so you get to extend the life of the battery.

8. Switch off the Wi-Fi

Put off the Wi-Fi connection if you don't need to use the internet. The laptop computer continuously scans for signals when the Wi-Fi adapter is switched on. This is usually put off by pressing the function (Fn) button and the Wi-Fi signal symbol found in the first row of your keyboard.

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