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Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If you are the average windows user you may have programs installed on your computer that you no longer use or worse that you don't even know how they got there. Most programs are simple to remove using the windows uninstaller and the guide below will tell you how.

1. Open control panel, click start then control panel. If you cannot see control panel it may be under the settings menu.

2. On windows XP look for the icon labelled "Add or Remove Programs" and open it. On later versions you are looking for either "programs and features" or "uninstall a program"

3. You should be presented with a list of currently installed programs, find the program you want to remove and click on it to highlight it.

4. To remove the selected program on windows xp click on the remove button that appears to the right on the highlighted item. On later versions once you highlight the item you want to remove click on the uninstall button just above the list of programs on your system.

5. You may receive a message to confirm removal of the program, if you do click on yes.

6. Some programs may present you with a wizard to remove the program, these are normally straight forward and can be followed by reading the information they provide and selecting the correct response (normally just next a few times).

7. Once complete the program should no longer be in your list of installed programs, you can now close the list of programs and use your computer normally.

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