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Service Terms & Conditions


1.1 All service calls will be attended to within the agreed time frame. Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to extend these times if required.
1.2 All Software to be reloaded by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd., including the Operating System, must be supplied by the owner of the computer.
1.3 If required, Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. will re-configure the Operating System and other software and while all best endeavors will be made, cannot guarantee the performance or correct configuration of the software.
1.4 The Person who signs the job sheet certifies that he/she has checked the computer and satisfied with the work performed.


2.1 "On-Site Standard Rates" are charged at a set rate per 15-minute intervals or part thereof. A call out fee will also be charged depending on location of the customer. The customer will be advised prior to a technician attending the premises.
2.2 "Workshop Labour Rates" will be charged for any work completed off-site. This will be charged in 15-minute intervals or part thereof.
2.3 Minimum charge per callout is $110 inc GST. (e.g. when service call takes less than 1hr, and for local callout area)
2.4 All Charges for On-Site/Workshop Labour and parts are the responsibility of the customer.
2.5 All Equipment sold by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. will include Goods and Services Taxes (GST) in addition to the initial cost of the item.
2.6 No refunds will be given for completed service work. Refunds for equipment/parts will incur 15% restocking fee and may be given only within 5 working days from the date of purchase. Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. Reserves the right to refuse refunds for equipment ordered specifically for the customer.

No Fix – No Charge policy

3.1 Computer Helper can guarantee solution to almost all IT related problems. However when we are unable to resolve your problem, we will not charge for the time spent
3.2 No Fix – No Charge policy does not apply when the solution was offered to the customer, but the customer has declined it for whatever reason. Minimum charge of $99 for the diagnostics labour will be charged in such situations


4.1 Standard service calls are strictly C.O.D. payable at the completion of the service call.
4.2 Late payment fees: any accounts that are overdue for more than 30 days will be reffered to debt collection agency & any future calls will be made on 'prepaid' basis only
4.3 Account service calls are payable strictly 7 days from completion of the service call.
4.4 Accounts will only be considered after 3 months of regular trading and are to be authorised by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd.
4.5 The Person who signs the job sheet hereby takes full personal responsibility for the payment of the service call or on behalf of the company and any parts/equipment used.
4.6 No further service work will be completed and/or the supply of equipment will be made available to any customer who is outside the payment terms of Computer Helper Pty. Ltd.
4.7 We reserve the right to rescind all discounted rates and to recalculate outstanding charges if payment is not made within agreed timeframe
4.8 Person signed job time sheet will be personally liable for any costs, commissions and legal expenses whatsoever arising from the collection of any overdue amount. Such interest, costs and commissions and legal expenses may be recovered as a liquidated debt.
4.9 To secure payment for services, customer agrees that Computer Helper at its discretion may apply lien to the equipment serviced. The lien may be enforced by a sale of the equipment and applying the sale proceeds to payment of the amount owed to Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. In the event when lien is applied, customer will have to collect retained equipment from Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. office at its own expense.


5.1 Title of equipment supplied shall not pass to the purchaser until payment in full of all goods and services on all invoices is received by the vendor from the purchaser including all monies owing to Computer Helper Pty. Ltd.. The purchaser shall:
5.1.1 Until the moment of full payment of what the purchaser owes to Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. , the purchaser shall keep the objects in question for Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. in his/her/its capacity of fiduciary owner and, if required, shall store these objects in such a way that they can be recognised as such.
5.1.2 If the purchaser does not pay for any goods or services on the due date specified in this agreement, Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. and its servants and agents are hereby irrevocably authorised by the purchaser to enter the purchaser's premises (or any premises under the control of the purchaser or as an agent of the purchaser if the goods are stored at such premises) and use reasonable force to take possession of the goods without liability for the tort of trespass, negligence or payment of any compensation to the purchaser whatsoever.


6.1 All new equipment supplied comes with the 'Standard Manufacturers Warranty' along with the Return to Base (RTB) Supplier's Warranty of 12 months.
6.2 All new equipment supplied by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. will also include a 7-day Replacement Warranty, in which in this time if the equipment deems to be faulty depending on cause, will be replaced with no extra labour charges.
6.3 Equipment found to be faulty within 12 month's of the date of purchase is strictly Return To Base (RTB), meaning the Purchaser must directly return it to the Supplier.
6.4 Warranty Claims found to be software and/or configuration errors and/or caused by the user will attract a labour charge.
6.5 Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. is not responsible for loss of data; recovery of data; creation of backups; or for consequential loss/damage outside the control of Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. unless otherwise agreed.
6.6 Unless specifically mentioned in the initial invoice, the Warranty period is from the date of purchase: 12 Months or otherwise agreed to by the Supplier.
6.7 Any Warranty claim made causing some cost or financial demand on Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. that is caused by a specific exclusion to Warranty repair will immediately become the responsibility of the person making the Warranty claim. Such responsibility will become immediately payable to Computer Helper Pty. Ltd..
6.8 All freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
6.9 The consumer loses their right to the free guaranteed service in the following circumstances:
a. Lack (loss, damage etc) of the original guarantee coupon or receipt; in such situations the guarantee coupon will not be restored.
b. Broken seals, tags, stickers
c. Mechanical, electric and technical, chemical damage of the goods parts or their completeness.

Warranty Exclusions

7.1 All Software configurations including Computer BIOS settings, Adapter configurations, Storage device configurations, Network connections and other installation Software for Input/Output devices attached to the computer.
7.2 Any changes to the original configuration of the Operating System installed on the computer.
7.3 Software installation or re-installation and any data or stored information.
7.4 Equipment not supplied and/or not installed by a technician employed by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd.
7.5 Computer Monitors and printers are to be sent directly to the warranty department of the manufacturer
7.6 This warranty does not cover any spent materials

Warning: when using recovery disk, all data from drive C (System drive) will be deleted!
Under any circumstances we are not responsible for any loss of information. We suggest making regular backup copies of important information.

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