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Search Engine Optimisation

Being easily found on the internet is the most effective way to advertise in the modern world. In most cases investment into a quality web site with effective SEO strategy gives much quicker and better return than any other way of advertising.

Unlike many other advertising media, using search engines allows your potential clients to find you exactly when they search for the services/products that you offer, giving you much higher chance of successful sale.

There are many Search Engine Optimisation companies on the market today, however only few can offer qualify service with guaranteed results.

Whenever you get an offer from SEO company you should always ask them to provide you with examples of their previous work as well as check their own web site and see how well it ranks itself. As a rule of thumb, if their own web site does not rank well for the keywords related to their own industry, then they probably will not be able to optimise your web site as well.

Below are the examples of SEO services done by Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. team:

1. eCollect (

debt collection agency (2nd on top of
2. VoIP Line Telecom (

Hosted pbx (2nd on top of
3. Computer Helper Pty. Ltd. (

IT Support Werribee ( 1st place on top of

Computer repairs Werribee (3rd place on top of

PC repairs Werribee (2nd place on top of

We also offer Google Adwords professional management to get your business on top of competition.

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